All the power of school management is now in your hands

myKidSchool takes care of all your daily school running activities and communication with both parents and teachers. It is tailored to equip the parents with up-to-date information about their wards, these information includes attendance, communication, exam results and lots more. Most importantly, myKidSchool mobile app send real-time notification to parents when their wards enters and leaves the school premises

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How it works

Some features of myKidSchool mobile app


Register your School

Register your school in less than 2-minutes by simply entering your email, username, school name and location. Then, you are done. Completing this action sends you a mail to configure your account. It is as simply as this.

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Iphone how to create school term


Create and Update your school Calendar

Firstly, you need to create a school term where you will select a school resumption date, school vacation date, mid-term-start date and mid-term-end-date. Just like you do on your school calendar


Create, View, Edit and Delete classrooms

Create class by select the class teacher, section and assistant teacher. You can also view all the classrooms you have create while class teachers can only view their classes and parents can see the details of the classrooms of their wards

Iphone create classroom page on mykidschool mobile app
Iphone how to view list of teachers


Create, View, Edit & Delete Teacher Profile

Create a teacher's profile by inputting all their information, this action will send the myKidSchool log-in details to the inputted email to enable the teacher configure their passwords and also carry out class activities, like viewing class time-table, mark daily class attendance, fill communication book of each student and also send direct message to a student's parent.


Create, View, Edit and Delete Students

Create a student's profile by inputting all their information, this action will send the myKidSchool log-in details to the inputted parent's email to enable the parent activate their account, view all their wards activities such as class time-table, general and class attendance, class teacher, school notice board, exam results, communication books and also send/recieve messages from the teacher

Iphone student list page on mykidschool mobile app
Iphone how to view list of teachers


Create, View, Edit, Update Payment Status of School Fees

Create school fees components which consist of the breakdown of the fees charged to each student such as tuition, school uniform etc. Parent can view the breakdown of fees due to each of their wards and the school admin can update the status when payment is done.


Communication Book between parents and Teachers

Digital Communication Books which records the daily activities of a student. The class teacher initiates a communication summarizing the performance of the student to the parent. The parent in-turn comments on how best to improve or inform the teacher on what he/she has done to reinforce the learnings of the day. School Information can also be passed to the parent through this medium. E.g Please be reminded that PTA meeting comes up on Saturday.

Iphone communication book page on mykidschool mobile app
Iphone view daily attendance for a month


Class Attendance

Digital Attendance Register where the class teachers takes the student's attendance. This action also sends an instant prompt to the parent notification them of the attendance status of their ward. There is also a provision for taking attendance when the student is leaving the classroom for the day. This also prompts the parent that their ward is leaving the class and out of the school premise.


Exam Result & Time-table

myKidSchool gives the school admin the power to compute or upload the exam results of every student and the time table for each class where the parent can view and download the respective results of their ward. All this can be done from your computer or mobile device (webapp, ios and android) in every easy steps.

Iphone communication book page on mykidschool mobile app
Iphone view CBT Test



With our computer-based test, your school can enlist a student for a fee of N1,000 per year. Teachers can also use both the mobile and web app to create questions, start test, view answer sheet of all students in their class, upload CBT result into each studen's result sheet. Parents can also view the answer sheet of their ward.


Subject Teacher

Your school can appoint subject teachers using the myKidSchool app. A teacher can alternate between class and subject just with a tap on the screen. Teachers can compute results, view subjects, time-table, set CBT questions, send revision materials to students taking the subject

Iphone view subject teacher home page
Iphone view revision materials page


Revision Materials

Teachers and admin can send revision materials to parents through the myKidSchool app (mobile and webapp). Parents can also view all the revision materials sent to help their ward revise adequately for the exam and test.


Compute Result

Class teachers and subject teachers can compute the termly result of their students by entrying all the scores and rubrics for each student through their phone. The class teacher can also submit the entered result to the exam officer through the mobile app or web app.

Iphone view compute result page
Iphone view daily attendance for a month


Notice Board

With our digital Notice Board, school admin can send a notice to the group of all Parents, all Teachers and All Parents and Teachers at the same time. The respective group will immediately recieve a prompt notifying them that their is a new notice from the school.


Once you try myKidSchool, you can't go back.

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Parents recieves prompt notification when they drop their wards in school and during pickup with time stamps
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Saves the school the cost of printing communication books, reseult booklet, lesson notes and attendance sheets
Icon signifying exam result
Parents recieves instant prompt notifying them to view and download the exam result of their wards the second it is uploaded by the school
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Every school activity can be managed using your mobile phone. No need to install internet enable laptops/desktops for teachers to enjoy this services.

Our subscription is very affordable



per year. That's just N8,067 per month

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  • Mobile app
  • Support 24/7
  • Free onboarding
  • More features coming soon

24-hour support

Our subscriptions cover 365 days per year, even including major holidays.

Free setup guide

We can guide on the setup process in order to upload your school information on myKidSchool

1 Term Free

1 free term applies from the date of registration. Within that period, you will be hooked on to our service


if requested, We can train your admin on how to use the platform.